[NEW VIDEO] Murmur – Șambala

[NEW VIDEO] Murmur – Șambala

Melodie produsă în glo Creative Camp by Electric Castle, 2021, remix al piesei “Shambala” în interpretarea lui Doru Stănculescu.

Muzică și Text: Doru Stănculescu

Reinterpretare: Adrian Despot, Irina Bucescu, Ana Wolf, Diana Căldăraru, Miruna Mureșan, Costas Ivanov, Jean Gavril, Andrei Doboș, Vaida Bogdan Valentin, Marieta Manolache, Norbert Halmágyi

Live Recording: Herodot, Bogdan Șurariu

Mixing: Adrian Despot @vdvmusic studio

Videoclip: Electric Castle

Regizor: Dorin Marcu

Cameră: Dan Câmpean, Dorel Gnatiuc, Iustin Surpănelu

Motion Graphics: Adela Druță 

[NEW ALBUM] DJ Undoo – The Chronicles

[NEW ALBUM] DJ Undoo – The Chronicles

DJ Undoo is a Romanian DJ and producer with a reputation for pushing conventional boundaries. We had a project together back in 2009 called Shy Beatz. A few days ago he released another album called The Chronicles along with an NFT collection that you can find here.

Blending elements of BoomBap together with Lo-fi Hip Hop & Chill Out with DJ Undoo’s style of chopping samples and combining sounds, “The Chronicles” is the perfect soundtrack to your activity!

This release from DJ Undoo is one of a kind, and despite that it’s the 6th album of his solo career, it’s all made out of instrumental so it has no language barrier (a lot of DJ Undoo’s releases feature Romanian speaking artists) also being the first NFT release and collaboration with some exquisite artwork from Ciobitu (Rabbit Hole)

Produced by DJ Undoo

Mix & master DJ Undoo






Artwork by Ciobitu