Found today – 1.02.2022

Found today – 1.02.2022

FOUND Marius Sperlich



  1. Simp: “A man who is overly submissive to women”
  2. Woke: “To be well-informed of and sensitive to cultural issues”
  3. Sus: “Suspicious or suspect”
  4. Bussin: “Really good, usually describes food”
  5. FYP: “Abbreviation of ‘For You Page,’ part of the TikTok app”
  6. GOAT: “Acronym for ‘greatest of all time'”
  7. No cap: “To say you’re not lying or exaggerating”
  8. Ratio: “When replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or retweets”
  9. FOMO: “Abbreviation for ‘fear of missing out'”
  10. IYKYK: “Abbreviation for ‘if you know, you know'”
  11. Stan: “To be a very devoted fan”
  12. Yeet: “Exclamation of excitement or approval”
  13. YT: “White, as in skin color”
  14. Bae: “Significant other”
  15. Bet: “A term of agreement or approval”
  16. TFW: “Abbreviation for ‘that feeling when'”
  17. OOTD: Abbreviation for “outfit of the day”
  18. POS: “Abbreviation for ‘piece of s***'”
  19. AF: “Abbreviation for ‘as f***,’ used for emphasis”
  20. Cheugy: “Uncool and untrendy”
  21. Cringe: “Something that elicits embarrassment or disgust”
  22. Boujee: “High-class and luxurious”
  23. Karen: “Obnoxious, entitled white woman”
  24. Drip: “Fashionable, stylish, or sexy”
  25. Lowkey: “Quiet, discreet, or secret”
  26. DC: “‘Dance credit,’ used to credit a person who came up with a dance”
  27. Finna: “Getting ready to do something”
  28. Savage: “Not caring about consequences”
  29. Finesse: “To get away with something, to be manipulative”
  30. Ghost: “Abruptly cut off contact with someone”



FOUND Toro y Moi 


Found today – 6 Dec 2021

Found today – 6 Dec 2021

Found art

self-portrait by Joseph Ducreux

Joseph Ducreux was a French painter active in the latter part of the 18th century — he was a portraitist in the court of Louis XVI and continued his career after the French Revolution. But Ducreux is increasingly remembered for his series of self-portraits that were surprisingly informal for the age in which they were painted. To contemporary eyes, they almost seem to have been painted for use in memes. (

Paper sculpture inspired by the beauty of the coral reef

Rogan Brown / Paper Sculptures –

Found some crazy shit

The Last Public Execution by Guillotine

On the morning of 17 June 1939, a crowd gathered outside the doors of the Saint-Pierre prison, in the center of Versailles. They had come to watch the execution of Eugen Weidmann, a serial killer who had been convicted of multiple kidnappings and murders. After the execution of 1939, the government banned all public executions, and Weidmann went down in history as the last man in France to be guillotined publicly. However, the government did not do away with execution and the particularly violent method of carrying it out. Rather, guillotining was hidden away behind prison walls. (

Found concept car

Vanarama has recreated the possible aesthetic of what Apple’s futuristic car might look like through an interactive 3D model. (

Found New Music