FREQAX is the indelible moniker that houses the searing frequencies of Romanian producer Adrian Andrei, a sonic creator enriched with a wide array of inspirations that have emerged in transcendently heavy forms through his many productions.

The Freqax entity emerged through its first label platform in 2009, with the release of ‘The Man with no Faith’ on Sinuous Recordings, during the first phase of the project, during which Freqax consisted of 2 members (the 2nd member – Adrenalina – left the project in 2012).

Since that first release, the frequency and quality of the project’s output has evolved mercilessly, with singles and EPs on some of the decade’s most revered and hard-hitting drum & bass labels including Prspct, Othercide, Algorythm, Yellow Stripe, Pulsatil Records and Forbidden Society Recordings, as well as numerous consistent and rising imprints.

With collaborations from fellow leading producers in drum & bass, including Counterstrike, Katharsys and Sinister Souls, as well as remixing Agressor Bunx, Anatomix and Brainpan, Freqax is set to continue his devastation of the scene.

New music will come so keep your eyes and ears open for more.